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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"
- Albert Einstein

What is Fragmented Time?

Fragmented Time is a global phenomenon that describes how people use their digital devices during free moments across the day. According to research, users spend almost 7 hours per day on their digital devices!


And its our job to identify how to make your business stand out!

About Us

A consulting agency specializing in advertising, marketing, and digital transformation that identifies the right elements and moments for your brand!

We specialize in understanding your business on a fundamental level and identify each moving piece that influences each other, in doing so we build and deliver integrated solutions to elevate your business in an ever changing digital first landscape.

About You

You want to change the game and lead the way!

In an ever-changing world, are you are constantly trying to figure out how to capture and captivate the market, and grow your business?  

Take the guessing game out! 

And let us help you with your advertising, marketing, and digital transformation solutions, which will help your business grow.

About You
About Us



We identify what makes your business unique from logo, colours, design templates, brand architecture, visual identity, brand positioning, to the business manifesto (Mission, Vision, & Values), and ensure you are always operating in a blue ocean scenario.


We identify touch points that makes the most sense for your brand and your customers, and build integrated GTM (Google Ads, Social Marketing, YouTube Advertising, OOH Marketing, Email Marketing, Retail Marketing, Influencer Marketing, & Content Marketing) journeys that ensures your brand is always getting the visibility as well and driving the bottom line.

Customer Identification

We not only identify the right audience niche for your brand and service but also identify their likes and needs (Customer Research, Customer Mapping, & Customer Focus  Groups/Surveys); so, you can scale the business using the right insights.

So your customers can go... OH MY GOD THAT IS AMAZING!!!

Digital Transformation

We will help you build your next digital master piece (APP, Website, Chatbot, Digital CX, or an AR Experience), that takes your business to the next level and dominate the ever changing digital first landscape.

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